Andorra Day 1

August 16, 2020


The recent lockdown and curfew implemented by the Namibian government means my last attempt at any travel plans have successfully been cancelled. This is a reality for most of us given that global pandemic = little to no international travel since March, but I had at least hoped I could travel within the country. It did, however, give me the time to go through old travel photos and actually compile them into posts. The first, is my most recent (if you can call it that), which was a trip to Andorra from nearly a year ago. Aaaand here it goes…


Adding a new country to my list is always something that excites me, and its always that little bit sweeter when the travel time is next to nothing. Andorra, sandwiched between France and Spain, is completely out of this world and its towering mountains rendered me an ant.



I was equally lucky enough that the accommodation was next to nothing as this winter wonderland was abandoned in its warmer months.




We were welcomed to the Capitol in the main plaza by this foot bridge that merged water with the gorgeous mountainous landscape.




And two footsteps away, was the mesmirising Nobility of Time by Salvador Dali. The melting clock in his infamous surrealist manner didn’t leave much room for doubt, but I enjoyed the juxtaposition it proposed. Dali portrayed how time reigns over art and reality, and now its unique placement has also provided the dimension of how consumerism has mastery over human beings time.





Andorra is notorious for its low to nonexistent taxes so imported goods such as Cuban cigars are easy to come by here. They also opened an aching wound for the island as I haven’t been back there in years.








After walking around the city centre and purchasing some items, we found our hostel, freshened up and left for our anniversary dinner at Route 66, a restaurant recommended by our friendly check in attendant.





We drove to Arinsal, where we had the best piece of meat I’ve had in Europe at the Argentinian restaurant: Route 66. I am Namibian, I take my meat very seriously and this meal was award worthy.



After our dessert, the waiting staff which was super friendly, gave us free shots! (Students always love free shots!).


However, little unbeknownst to us, we would find a fine on the window of the car a mere 5 minutes later.





We drove up one of the hills near the hostel and admired Andorra below us at night. The cold soon enough chased us indoors where we passed out swiftly.


Tips for Travel to Andorra: