Sunday in Girona

July 14, 2019


Sunday morning when the foot traffic is low is one of the best times to visit Girona. This calming contrast was exactly what I needed after stressful weeks of exams and submissions. It’s nice to finally leave the day to spontaneity and let the cobbled streets decide where to go.

First things first. Breakfast. 

If good food doesn’t wake you up and put you in a better mood, then the coffee definitely will. I liked La Fabrica Girona so much from my first visit that I made sure this was the perfect place to eat at this time round. All of their food is delicious with the bonus of being healthy. This time I tried the pulled pork bagel with avo and was very pleased with my choice. Take a second to think of this: fresh bagel, earthy beetroot, tender pulled pork and a mango salsa to match the avocado. And those are only some of the ingredients. 

After the grub was in my tum, we walked to the cathedral that was the Game of Thrones set for season 5. It reminds me of Cersai followed by the nun going “shame shame…”. Finally, justice! But I digress.

The Egyptian exhibition at the Caixa exhibition space was where the cobbled stones led next. Given my fascination with egyptology in my youth, I was super excited. The best part: it was free! The not so bueno part: it was only in Spanish, Catalan, and French, but it wasn’t too bad.


Until the next one,

Stay Gold, 🍂