Welcome to Pen & A Lens

July 27, 2018


The intro to this post has been scrapped more than once because according to status quo, it should start with

“Welcome to my first blog post”

However this isn’t the truth because I’ve done this about 3 times. That’s right, 3 past blogs, all not sustained, and now I’m on to the 4th. So why do this again? Maybe it’s a distraction, or maybe it’s to feed this innate feature to constantly create that inhibits me. But I’m back here again, having learnt from 3 previous blogs, ready to apply the lessons to the fourth.

Before we get to the fun stuff, I’d like to extend a huge thank you to Kotryna Bass for the offer of slicing the blog design price in half as well as being available 24/7 to answer any and every question. As a student that’s paying for everything, this is a huge benefit because if there’s something I’ve learnt, there’s nothing that impresses one more than a professional looking well put together blog. So head over there for some professional easy to use and install themes, and while you’re at it, sign up for the newsletter. It’s filled with loads of great tips for the experienced or the new, from setting up to growing audiences, as well as great offers like this one. Thanks Kotryna! You’re an absolute gem! 🙂 While you’re at it, sign up for mine too to get a notification and take the guessing game out of new posts (it takes 10 seconds, and it’s free!).

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Until the next one,

Stay Gold, 🍂